A-List Copywriting Secrets Lessons

A-List Copywriting Secrets Lessons

We want to help you get maximum value from A-List Copywriting Secrets.

So we strongly recommend you:

  • Go through the lessons in order, and
  • Complete the exercises before rushing to the next lesson.
Most of the exercises require a bit of writing.

Your advertising will get much better, much faster, if you write down what David teaches right away.

Don’t think of them as “exercises”. Think of them as sections of copy that you’ll soon be plugging into your ads.

REMEMBER: Members of David Deutsch’s Inner Circle can get feedback on their A-List Copywriting Secrets exercises, and any copy they are working on, directly from David himself.

If you’re not already a member, hop over to David Deutsch’s Inner Circle for all the details.

You’ll be able to watch the recording of any consulting sessions you can’t make live right on this website.

Click on each link to go to the video for that lesson:

Lesson 1 – Introduction and The Structure of Copy

Lesson 2 – What Makes Great Copy?

Lesson 3 – Secrets of Copy Strategy

Lesson 4 – Discover What Makes Your Prospect Tick

Lesson 5 – Understanding Buying Psychology

Lesson 6 – How to Write Compelling Stories

Lesson 7 – The Journey to Provoking Action

Lesson 8 – Headlines and Bullets Secrets, Part 1

Lesson 9 – Headlines and Bullets Secrets, Part 2

Lesson 10 – The Body — Keeping Readers Reading and Viewers Viewing

Lesson 11 – The Close — Getting the Sale

Lesson 12 – The Power of the Creative Brief

Lesson 13 – How to Make Good Copy Better

Lesson 14 – Questions and Answers

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