At the first Action Seminar, Mike Keonigs from Traffic Geyser discussed his favorite productivity-building tools. Mental and Physical Fitness and diet are important. He also shared several other tools.

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Mike’s comments:

These are my productivity multipliers. Here they are…a little philosophical:

Number 1: Surgically remove psychic vampires from your life. OK? I think I can say this, John. I actually kind of like assholes. I really do. But, they’ll such the life force out of you if you let them. They are usually interesting people. The however is, though, that you can’t have them interacting with the rest of your life. Because, your emotional energy, if it gets sucked from you because you are compromising everything about yourself you go nowhere. Really fast. You will boost your energy level by 80% easily. I think, seriously, 4x, conservatively, by removing the things, the forces and the people that cause you to compromise who you are on a regular basis. Do it immediately. Ignore them. Or, like I said, surgically remove them from your life.

Number 2: This is critical. It came from a guy who was fat once. OK? Sweat. If you are not sweating, you are toxic. I believe that every hour you invest in your body you get 2 hours back. OK? Simple as that. Which is just simple exercise. But, here is what I do. I take myself on a date 4 times a week. Down to the club. I sit on the recumbent bike, bring my kindle or my iphone and I read and I pump. I keep my mind on it so I go at a regular pace. Do that for a half an hour, I am sweating, go down, lift a little weight, come out of there feeling like a million bucks, and there is no question about it. When I don’t do it, my productivity goes down.
Here is the next one: Eliminating sugar and processed foods. Bottom line is, it has pretty much been proven. High fructose corn syrup, sugar, is the cause of obesity. OK? And, it raises your insulin level which makes your body inefficient. It is the cause of fat on your body. If you cut out sugar…this is very hard to do…cut it down to 15 grams a day, you will drop almost a pound a day. Get rid of sugar, it will transform your life. Simple as that. And, anything in a box.

OK. The next one. Most of us spend the majority of our time with a few tools. Our chair, our screen, our headset, our phone and our computer. The bigger the screen, the more you get done. So, look around you and see what you spend the majority of your time with and it will completely change your productivity.

And, this is one I borrowed from an unbelievably great book I highly, highly recommend. It is called “The Presentation Secrets of Steven Jobs” by Carmine Gallo G-A-L-L-O. Buy that book. Study it. It will change the way you think about presenting and sharing information with a messianic sense of purpose.

Again, we aren’t born with this. It comes over time. It comes with clear thinking. But, every day when you have a messianic sense of purpose it changes the game.

Noise elimination: That means the news, the media, anything that is spiteful, hateful, Fox News, etc., etc. I think getting rid of just crap. All it does is confuses. Anything that’s burning. Just remember that disease, I believe, is caused, in general (there’s always genetic predispositions and stuff) it always starts with poisoned thoughts. And they eventually become tumors. OK? So, get rid of the causes of poison thoughts. Like blame. OK? I told you I was going to get a little philosophical here.

But, the theater of mind; this is classic “think and grow rich” material. When you practice in your mind imagining the result and imagining the experience. And I reached a point now, and I would say that it is responsible for every great thing that has been happening in my life, I imagine and I practice in my subconscious sleep.

Now, I inject visions, associated with my messianic sense of purpose, and things magically appear.

OK, enough of that. I know you’re like “fuzzy bunnies, feathers and slippers”. What was that? Fuzzy bunnies, feathers and crystals. Slippers, who wears those?

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