AS2-Christina-HillsAt the second Action Seminar, Christina Hills, a wordpress expert, shows the many ways a website can be laid out using WordPress. She shows how website owners can manage their own sites.

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Christina’s comments:

All right, so what I want to do now, in this section, is train you how to look at sites. Because often we look at websites and we either like them or don’t like them, but we don’t really know why do we like it or why do we not like it? What is it about that site that you want yours to look like?

So, here is a typical layout. See if I can get that pointer to work here. You’ve got your header, your navigation, content, this is sort of standard. Widgets on the right side. So, let me deconstruct this one. We’ve got the header up here, the navigation here, content, and then sidebars. Those are called sidebars or widgets. The widgets is kind of a geeky term for stuff on the side.

OK, so what we just saw was this layout. You can also have your sidebar on the left. And, I’m not an SEO expert. You’ll want to talk to the SEO people there, so I don’t know how important it is to have your widgets on the right side. I don’t know if that is still true any more or not. Some people believe it is, but, SEO aside, you can change your design around.

You can have your content in the middle and sidebars on the side. And this is something that is very easy for you to change up on, so as you are building your site you can see… “Gee, I want my content in the middle and I want sidebars on the side, or no, I want them to focus more on the right or on the left.

You can have your navigation on the top, or no navigation. Maybe you don’t want navigation. Or, what’s really popular is a sales letter site. What is a sales letter site? You have a header, usually, and your content. The reason you have your header and your content is you want people to stay focused on your message. You don’t want them distracted, you don’t want them navigating away. You want them to come to your site, read your headline and go down and buy. That is the purpose of a sales letter site.

You can also have (here is Lorrie’s site again). She’s got a magazine-style layout. And notice how her site, it is not really following that convention that I was laying out for you. So you can use WordPress and have an unorthodox layout. You don’t have to have that regular layout that you see most sites have. And this is a really nice looking site. She has her social media here. She did …good job, Lorrie!

Here’s another magazine style layout. I love showing this because this woman, Debra Mars, she bought an off the shelf design, it cost her 79 dollars for this design, and I don’t even think this is her own logo. It came with a way for her to put her own logo in.

So, what’s great about this is you can get started. And this is why I’m so thrilled that John asked me to come to the Action Seminar, because I am all about taking action. Don’t wait until you have your logo. Don’t wait until you have everything. You need to get started. You need to get your message out there, and interact with your audience and see what works.

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