November 13

AS2 – Colin Chung & Ben Morris: Pinpoint Your Market with Accuracy


AS2-Colin-ChungColin Chung and Ben Morris sell big data to big corporations. During the second Action Seminar they explained how smaller businesses can use this targeted information as well for their marketing

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Colin’s comments:

So, what are personic clusters? What Axiom has done (the company we license data from, is we divided the 135 million US households into different clusters. They are basically different profile types.

So (OK, thank you) here’s one, Millennials. How many have teenage children (or are still teenagers). So, we get all this data: Age range, financial rank, marital status, (15% are married, 85% are single). We know all this stuff.

What is cool is that we also know this stuff. What do they tend to spend their money… or, where is their money coming from (education loans, phone banking, whatever). Where they shop (American Eagle Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, Blockbuster Video). What they watch and listen to. How powerful is that? Now you can buy ads for your market in the right magazines, the right TV shows, the right radio stations.

What they do, where they go on the internet. So, just in the last presentation where we talked about media buying. Why buy media for all the websites, why not buy it for just the websites they are going to?

Oh, this is really cool. It is really small, you can’t read it. But it basically tells you, they have actually built out a profile for these guys. What they do when they wake up,, where do they spend their day, who do they talk about their weekend plans to, who they have meetings with, who they spend their evening with, what time they go to bed around, and. You know, what they spend their time watching TV.

Think this would be helpful in wiring copy for these people? Perhaps? Do you think there’s an application there?

Baby Boomers (these are the rich boomers), 35 to 65, affluent, 95% married. Mostly have teenagers…

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