At the first Action Seminar, Teran Dale, Adwords expert, tells how to set up a campaign the right way. Most businesses get this wrong and it costs them a lot of money and lost customers.

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Transcript of the video:

This is where the majority of the people, when they set up their cam… this is where the majority of people fail, or they get taken by Google. They get raked over the coals, basically. Not having the right campaign structure when they are setting up their account.

If you do this incorrectly, you will get wiped out. And, usually, when you go to make changes to your account after you’ve corrected the structure it can take up to 30 days for Google to come back and look at your page and give you better traffic, basically.

So, this is the first thing you have to do correctly. And we are going to talk about that.
So, campaign structure. What I mean about campaign structure. Naming your campaigns and adgroups. Search. The content network. Starting your campaigns correctly. And I am going to talk about another topic that makes you a lot of money.

So, naming your campaigns and adgroups. Right now, a lot of people don’t understand that they have human reviewers. Google has human reviewers that go into your account and look at your account. They look at your landing page, they look at the structure of your campaign, and they want to make sure that, basically, you know what you are doing. So, if you are setting up an account you have to name it correctly, have the right campaigns, and it’s all connected to the adgroups.

Search and content, you’ve probably heard of this before. You have to make sure you split search with content. Have separate campaigns. And the reason being why you want to split them is that content is a totally different beast compared to search. Content network is based on theme. So, it is based on the keywords you have in your adgroups and in your campaign and search is based on the search query that someone actually typed in to find your product or service. So, you want to separate both of those.

The next thing is that content is usually 50%…the cost per click is usually 50% cheaper than search. You want to find out what the true cost per click is for your keyword, so always have the two separate.

When you are setting up your account, you want to set up your account correctly and you want to have a strong quality score from the very get-go so what I usually do is take the client’s URL and then go into the website content. I want Google to come back and tell me exactly what they think the site is about. Now, copywriters are out there. If you look at what keywords Google is coming back with and what they think your site is about and it doesn’t match, something is wrong. So that’s where you are going to have to tweak your copy or do something else. Basically tweak your copy to make sure it matches the one you when you are driving traffic to the site you get the lowest possible cost per click.

So, right there, as you can see, it also breaks it down into different categories. So, you have here basketball shoes, running shoes, Jordan shoes. So it is breaking it down into categories. That’s a tip for you . To show you how you should actually name your adgroups as well. So when Google looks into your account they will see how everything is matched together. To your adgroup, to your campaign, it is more relevant.

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