November 8

AS2 – Jonathan Matthey: What Analytics Do You Need for Your Site


Jonathan_MattheyAt the second Action Seminar, Jonathan explained what analytics you need for your website. There are only 6 numbers that are necessary. What is Clicktale, heatmaps and how they show where people look when they are on your site.

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Jonathan’s comments:

I was going to talk a little bit about analytics and important things to look after: Unique visitors, page views, time spent on the site. For example, John’s blog gets a very good readership. I think people spend like about 6 or 7 minutes there, so that is a good metric to track.

The entry and exit points are very good to optimize your shopping cart. If you find a page that has a big exit, then something is wrong. Like Brian was telling you before, when he could tell that it was after 2 minutes there was an exit. Maybe it was badly designed, people got confused, or maybe the site was all the same and then it changed. The heading was different, or whatever.

One reason we talk about this is that when you log in to analytics dashboards, they are all overwhelming. So I think that is the death of the process for most people. So that was kind of the point of that slide. Really, if you are just looking for those 6 numbers, stop. That’s 90 percent of what you are going to have to get. And they will throw all types of graphs and charts and things that lay over it and it is very easy for you to just say “Oh, never mind, this is too hard.” It is not that hard, Right now the state of technology makes it very easy to set up, but not…its math. So when you go to the dashboard and it shows the results, it is still graphs and, charts and all kinds of numbers, so you just have to look for a very few things.

Yes, it’s exactly that. Some good things to look at are your inbounds, seeing which…. again, speak to the SEO person, she’ll tell you all about this. How people are finding your page, for example John’s blog it’s just from his name, so he gets a lot of surf traffic, a lot of organic, a lot of direct hits as well and you can see the views going up and down. Everybody knows that.
And then Clicktale,, yeah, it’s nice. I don’t know, you plug it in. This is what Clicktale is, if people don’t know, it is heat maps. So you see where the pointer goes. So, probably you can tell they are looking around an ad, or they had… oh, there’s a funny story at another guy’s event, fitness marketing. They had these long sales pages and they usually got a couple of guys on there with six packs and everything. And they noticed the guys with the pointers just running all over that.

So, if you are in that business, you can find out which one of your favorite speakers people look over.

Yes, we got some feedback, not that we bet the farm on this one, but you can start to see that the whole thing is a banner ad. Which faces did people click on? We didn’t run this for all that much time, you know we took a snapshot, as I recall. But, it’s a lesson learned. Like, OK, what type of faces do we want on banner ads? Because you get some feedback on where the pointer is going.

So this one Clicktale does it, then there is another one called egg, crazy egg, and Google, as well, does it. So, if you are tracking already, in one of the sections, the enhanced section, there is a heat map.

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