AS3-Harlan_KilsteinHarlan Kilstein is a top copywriter who has been quietly creating a blog which, after 1 year, is dominating the “dog” niche. During the third Action Seminar he explains the formula he uses.

Harlan’s comments:

The reason this works is there is a formula we are going to go through. And it consists of 3 parts. This is the part to write down. RC means the Right Content. You have to know the content that your people want to read. In the dog niche, they say “we don’t want to read anything about dogs getting harmed.” But guess which articles get the most views, comments and shares. OK? Actually, the number 1 thing they want to read about is pet food recalls. So, we give them pet food recalls. Fortunately, the pet industry is that bad and unregulated that we get a pet food recall just about every day! So they love us. “Oh, thank you for saving Fifi.” OK? So, you need to know the content that your niche wants. And, it’s not what you think.

It’s just not what you think. They’ll tell you. How will they tell you:? With their comments. With their social sharing. OK? When they share something 16,000 times, that’s a pretty strong message: We want to see more stuff like this. OK? So, we experiment, but after a while, we know exactly what to go after.

The right channels. You need to learn the difference between the social media channels. On Facebook…people want to be amused. People want to play. On Twitter, people want interesting content, but it is not fun on Twitter. And, if you get one of your tweets, one of your articles picked up…

July 4th weekend, Petco decides they are going to announce a recall while everybody is on vacation. The recall is…we are recalling our stainless steel dog bowls because there is just a slight chance…it’s a really slight chance…you know, those dog bowls just might be radioactive…

So, everybody is away on vacation except us, who monitor the news every single day. We are the first ones to tweet it, and we always tweet it to celebrity dog lovers. Because you never know. And, one of them, who is an actress, Rosie Grier, who was in some Steven Segal movies..she’s got like 10 gazillion followers…she said “Oh, no, look what happened”. And she sent everybody over to our site. And that’s when we were still stupidly hosting with Godaddy. Because we were just a baby site. And, have you ever gotten a phone call from Godaddy saying “could you please move your site? We can’t take the traffic.”

So, we moved the site to Servant, and we got their highest level virtual host. “We can hold anything you throw at us.” Until Miley Cyrus’s dog died and she got a new one. We put the picture out and had the inside story and, combining that with the same week the Beneful article coming out, our virtual server top level went melting down to the ground. Servant said “we’ve never seen this happen before”.

So, now we are at Liquid Web, with this massive server that could power the Pentagon. And they are saying “This is not going to melt down.” And we are saying “we’re going to give it our best d**n try.

So, if you have the right content and the right channel, that’s great. But, you don’t become dominant in the industry unless you move beyond your site and start reaching out to people in the industry.

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