November 18

AS3 – Mike Koenigs: How to Build Your Expert/Author Platform


AS3-Mike_KoenigsDuring the third Action Seminar, Mike Koenigs discusses how to build a platform if you are an author or expert.

Mike’s comments:

The biggest thing that we are all seeking, and this word means more to me now than it ever did, platform. Are you familiar with the concept, with the term?

If you are not, it is a combination of your brand. Again, we’ve all heard “brand” forever, and I didn’t understand the power of brand until this past year, but it is your visibility, your know-how, it is who knows you, it is your contact list, your ability to get attention and create buzz. Whenever you hear about a celebrity, for example, who falls off the wagon. I mean they’re bankrupt and their life turns to solid hell, a year later they are back on their feet and making hundreds of millions of dollars. The best example would be like a Trump, for example. Because he knows how to do his deal. It is his knowledge. And he understands how to negotiate.

So, it has nothing to do with money. It is power, in fact. Platform is power. And the biggest lever you have. So, if you are in a spot right now where you are earning, say, 5 or 10 or 15 or 25,000 bucks a year, but you can’t function, are you going to continue to have revenue coming in? OK? And, if you aren’t, or won’t, it is because you have no platform. But, you could lose everything. The government could come in, you’d have a lien on your property, you could lose all your bank accounts, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, if you have a list, if you have connections, you could re-invent yourself, probably in 30 to 90 days, create a product or something, and generate, whether it is a half a million or 3 million bucks, it is entirely possible if you have a platform. Fair enough?

So, and I have no political affiliation whatsoever, I am libertarian-minded, so the bottom line is relevant to me, which is freedom and independence. That is why I am in business and is what drives me. It still does.

So, the key is, how do you grow a platform as fast as possible? As powerfully as possible? That creates the constant, ongoing leverage? And that’s what these strategies are all about.
The first thing, kind of from the beginning, I am going to show you something I have been using for years. Have you heard of the 10 by 10 by 4 strategy? OK. That’s fine. It’s in the book, in the Author Expert Marketing Machines. I am going to kind of demonstrate it for you. But the basic idea is this: What you do, if I were to sit down in front of you and say “How long have you been in business?, or doing what you’re doing?” Probably 3,5,10,15,25 years. Right? If you are working with a client or customer, you get asked the same questions over and over and over. Yes? OK.

If you just wrote down the top 10 questions you get asked all the time, how long do you think it would take? To write down 10 questions that you get asked all the time? 5 minutes. OK? That’s pretty typical. In my experience, I actually do an experiment where I do it live. Most people can write down 10 to 15 questions in about 3 minutes. OK? So I have done it where I have spoken before, like at a training I will speak then take a lunch break and I challenge everyone, whoever comes up with the most questions during lunch I am going to give them some sort of a prize. I had someone walk away and come back with 275 questions in an hour and 15 minutes. OK? Actually, I think you were on that trip. That was in Australia when we spoke at a Chris Howard event.

And, so, what I like to suggest, is take yourself out to lunch, write down all these questions, and you will be surprised at how much knowledge you will have inside your mind. And, if all you did is made individual videos, 1 by 1, which are just question and answer, you’re going to create as much content as you need to spread all over the world, and get attention.

The slide that I have up here is what I recommend you do. Now, what I’ve been doing lately is that I stand in front of a big screen TV, which you can get for about 400 bucks, put it on a stand or your wall, put up a slide that asks a big question with some bullets and a call to action across the bottom.

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