AS2-Lisa_WagnerLisa Wagner (from Joe Polish’s company) tells how to repurpose content and get the most for businesses when you are in a small niche. She shows how to optimize what you can do.

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Lisa’s comments:

How do you make macro money from a micro niche? (Which is what I do). You leverage what you like and you layer it. So, what I like to do is find something that is working and find different ways to multiply it. It is always easier, if I am consulting with any of our small businesses, is to try to find what in their business is working and try to do a derivative or expand or multiply more of that. Because it is easier to work on something you are already doing that you know works, and you’ve got confidence, than to start from ground zero and start from scratch. Does that make sense?

So, my visual, which inspires me: Educate more, package better, enjoy more. It is shifting from layering your expertise. Shifting from one way to several ways. How can we multiply our top-working strategy results through multiple layers?

And then I have a space there where you can list your top 3 working strategies right now for bringing money into your company, and writing down how much you are getting per month and per year with that strategy. And then 3 ways to go deeper and layer those results.

I want to give you a couple of examples, just to get your head thinking about it. So, for example, if you are making money with articles. I do a column in a magazine, so I get lead generation and sales from articles that are published. So, some ways that I might layer that, or do layer that are: Online versions of the same content, maybe as a campaign insert in direct mail, maybe its broken up into email sequences, maybe a guest column, where it gets submitted to another publication, whether it is offline or online, maybe I create a video version of the articles that have had the most interest. Does that make sense?

If you are making lead generation and conversion from blog posts you might be able to leverage it in different ways Maybe you’ll do a postcard version of your blog post. Maybe you syndicate your blog to different partners that you have. I have a rug blog and there’s different people from retailers to cleaners who, whenever I make a post, it RSS posts onto their blogs, so that I am syndicated in my little micro-niche. Maybe you share content that’s done well on your blog on different forums, and lead them back to more information on your site.. Enewsletter. You could create an enewsletter out of the same content.

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