David’s Inner Circle with Special Guest John Carlton — 24 August 2023

David’s Inner Circle with Special Guest John Carlton — 24 August 2023

David Deutsch is one of the world’s most successful copywriters. His ads have generated nearly a billion dollars in sales. Among his many accomplishments is having 6 controls running at the same time for Boardroom


Here is the text of the chat during the session:

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Here’s the copy David and John reviewed (along with time stamps so you can jump to any of them). They will open in a new tab so you can watch the video and see them at the same time.

Note: If you are using Firefox and trying to open a PDF, if you are sent to a blank page it means that the PDF has been downloaded. Just go to your downloads folder and it should be there.

Nathan (9:52): https://marketingrebelclub.com/files/david-deutschs-inner-circle/230824-Nathan-sales-letter-procrastination.pdf

Derek (22:50): https://marketingrebelclub.com/files/david-deutschs-inner-circle/230824-Derek-bullets-authors.html

Jon (33:41): https://marketingrebelclub.com/files/david-deutschs-inner-circle/230824-Jon-landing-page-finance.html

Vivien (46:30): https://marketingrebelclub.com/files/david-deutschs-inner-circle/230824-Vivien-email-parents.html

Niall (55:08): https://marketingrebelclub.com/files/david-deutschs-inner-circle/230824-Niall-headline-ecom.pdf

Kitt (1:05:50): https://marketingrebelclub.com/files/david-deutschs-inner-circle/230824-Kitt-postcard-jewelry.pdf

Evan (1:11:50): https://marketingrebelclub.com/files/david-deutschs-inner-circle/230824-Evan-lead-finance.html

Barb (1:22:22): https://marketingrebelclub.com/files/david-deutschs-inner-circle/230824-Barb-elevator-pitch-elearning.pdf

Tamara (1:32:15): https://marketingrebelclub.com/files/david-deutschs-inner-circle/230824-Tamara-subhead-health.html



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