Jonathan is on the hot seat this month. He is a copywriter and is trying to break into the music industry.

His plan is to write musician bios as a foot in the door and wants help in developing an online funnel and start driving traffic.

He has been successful in the fitness market but his passion is music.

This is a very interesting hot seat because John and Stan give Jonathan his marching orders, but the hot seat goes in a completely different direction than Jonathan expected.

This illustrates one of the benefits of getting a second (and third) opinion about your plans and goals…you may be skipping ahead and really need to take one step at a time.

They conduct a wide-ranging discussion about more than just the music biz and as always, everyone will find several nuggets to use in your own business…

Click on the image to play the hot seat video (this is really an audio that we rendered as a video):

Or you can download the MP3 file by clicking here (Right click/Save as).

This is Jonathan’s sales page as it looked on the day of the hot seat

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