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How to come up with big, breakthrough, knock-their-socks-off ideas on demand... and implement them with ease.

Course Description

Welcome to Idea Power! You have made a great choice.

You’re at the doorstep of becoming an idea-generating powerhouse. Great ideas that sell and that will propel your life in all kinds of new directions. This is going to be fun.

David Deutsch is about to teach you the ONE skill that has helped him leapfrog over the competition to A-lister status as a copywriter.

The coolest thing about this game-changing, career-making skill is that it is SO easy to acquire…

… and requires zero natural creative talent.

Yet it may well be the most important — and universally admired, valued, and rewarded — advantage you can have in business AND in life.

It is, of course, the ability to come up with breakthrough, problem-solving, attention-getting, awe-inspiring ideas.

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About the Author

David L. Deutsch

David has made his living coming up with ideas for most of his professional life.

He started at the renowned Madison Avenue advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather, working with clients such as Merrill Lynch, General Foods, and American Express. He then switched to direct response, working with clients from Procter & Gamble to leading direct response marketers, entrepreneurs, and publishers.

Today, David consults with clients on marketing, sales copy, and creative direction. He coaches and trains writers and copy teams in the U.S. and worldwide.

David shares his copywriting and marketing expertise at seminars around the country, where attendees have paid as much as $25,000 just to get in the door.

He is the creator of the Idea Power creativity training, as well as A-List Copywriting Secrets, in which he reveals the copy and creative secrets that have enabled him to sell over a billion dollars of his clients’ products and services.

David is available for a limited number of speaking, consulting, and copywriting engagements each year, as well as for special idea-generation coaching, workshops, and seminars. You can get a message to him on

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