Million Dollar Marketing Secrets Introduction

Million Dollar Marketing Secrets Introduction – David Deutsch


Although Million Dollar Marketing Secrets was written many years ago, it was extensively updated in 2024, since, to put it mildly, a thing or two has changed about marketing in the past decade.

However, I was surprised to see how much has remained the same. And was, of course, unsurprised to see that the basic principles of marketing and human nature are immutable. 

Special thanks to Joshua Lee Henry, an excellent copywriter in his own right, who saw a previous edition copy of this book, saw the value in it, and selflessly helped to update it.

Thanks too to Lauren Methena for taking time from her busy life to proofread, edit, and further improve the text.

If you find anything out of date that we missed— or just want to give me some feedback or suggestions for the next edition—please reach out by opening a ticket at


by William A. Royall, President Royall & Company

I can think of no person better qualified to reveal the secrets of today’s most innovative marketing techniques than David Deutsch.

First of all, David is one of the best writers I know, so you are sure to find this book lively and readable. But even more important, David is a uniquely talented marketing strategist. Not only can he analyze a specific company’s marketing situation and develop powerful and profitable marketing strategies; he also has an outstanding grasp of the sociological, psychological and economic trends which impact marketing decisions.

Perhaps his abilities derive from his varied background: Copywriter at the world renowned Ogilvy & Mather ad agency, Creative Director, Marketing Director, Account Supervisor, Fundraising Copywriter and Direct Response Expert. These positions have given first-hand experience with all the weapons in today’s vast and rapidly changing marketing arsenal. He has created everything from Madison Avenue “image advertising” to order-generating direct response advertising and direct mail. He is equally at home with hard sell as with soft sell, with long copy as with short. He knows how to integrate up-and-coming technologies into the marketing mix.

In addition, David has worked with an extraordinary range of companies and industries, from Fortune 500 companies to maverick entrepreneurs. He has created marketing strategies and promotional materials for manufacturers, service businesses, retailers, business-to-business marketers, and, perhaps the ultimate persuasion challenge, fundraisers. And he’s helped promote the newsletters of both investment guru Louis Rukeyser and pop-psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers.

In short, David has been privy to the advertising tricks of Madison Avenue, the state-of-the-art direct response techniques used by the world’s largest corporations and fundraisers, and the hard-hitting guerilla marketing techniques used by some of the country’s most innovative entrepreneurs. But does what he knows really work? I can answer only from my personal experience: A mailing he created for me produced the highest response rate I’ve ever received! I envy you if you are about to encounter David’s marketing mind for the first time, and I feel sorry for your competition.

                                                                                                William A. Royall


The Changing Markets of Today

There has never been a better time to make or lose large amounts of money than in today’s changing markets. This is a time of change—politically, socially, economically and technologically. Yet, historically, changing times have been the times when great fortunes are both lost and made—made by those who are in tune with the changing needs and wants of the marketplace, and lost by those who are not.

Today’s marketing realities are far different than just a few years ago. For example, the illusion that economic growth will last forever has been shattered, and buyers of all types are more cautious (and fickle) than ever with their money and their loyalty.

In my work as a copywriter and marketer, I have found the techniques that I and my clients have been using to succeed in these changing times can be grouped into clearly defined principles. These money-making principles form the chapters of this book and will enable forward-thinking companies and individuals like yourself to realize extraordinary profits in the extraordinary times ahead.

Are These Really “Million Dollar” Secrets?

Looked at one way, a million dollars is:

  • $999,000 more than $1,000,
  • $990,000 more than $10,000, and
  • $900,000 more than $100,000

When you put it that way, making that extra money sounds like a lot more work. But motivational speaker Foster Hibbert says a million dollars is actually:

  • Just three zeros more than a $1,000
  • Only two zeros more than $10,000, and
  • A mere single zero more than a $100,000

You won’t get this kind of return investing your money in banks or even from most investments. Then, what is it that has the power to add these zeros? Only marketing can provide this kind of multiplying power.

If you own or work for a large company, your million dollars may come overnight from using the ideas in this book to generate just a small increase in market share. (Or perhaps one of these ideas may even help to prevent you from making a million dollar mistake.)

If you own or work for a smaller company, your million may come more slowly, as your customer-generating marketing programs turn hundreds of dollars into thousands, thousands into hundreds of thousands, and hundreds of thousands into millions.

So, as you read through this book, keep in mind that each one of the “million-dollar” secrets you are about to read about has generated millions of dollars in increased sales and profits and can do so again for you and your company.

Are They Really Secrets?

The million dollar ideas and techniques in this book are secrets in the sense that many of these ideas and techniques, although based on common sense and human nature, are not well known nor widely used. You won’t learn about them from other business people.

Most business people get into a rut of marketing in a way that has worked adequately for them in the past. They are exposed to new ideas only within their own industry. But these secrets are not about doing it the same way you, or anyone else, have always been doing it. They’re distilled from my experiences across many, many different industries and types of companies.

You won’t learn these secrets from most advertising agencies. Most advertising agencies, as the name implies, are in the business of creating advertising. And preferably award-winning advertising. These secrets are about far more than advertising—they’re about innovative marketing ideas. They won’t win you very many awards…except monetary ones.

And finally, you won’t learn these secrets from most marketing experts. Most marketing experts take a very academic, unimaginative approach to marketing. These secrets are anything but academic and unimaginative. In fact, they’ll encourage you to use your imagination to develop your business to its fullest potential.

Why Reveal Such Valuable Secrets?

First of all, I believe the more people learn about marketing, the better it is for everyone. Marketing is the engine which drives business, and the economic health of this country depends on the health of its businesses. It’s hard enough to start or run a business today, so it pains me that so many businesses overlook the easy-to-learn secrets of marketing that could make the difference between success or failure.

The second reason I’m publishing these “secrets” is that, as a marketing consultant and copywriter of online advertising and direct mail, I’m best able to help those people who understand these secrets. Then we speak the same language, I can spend my time enriching instead of educating. Now when people come to me for assistance, hopefully, they will have first read this book, or I can give them a copy of it to make our time together more productive.

The final reason—to be honest—is that I’m putting into practice one of the marketing secrets which will follow. By generously revealing these secrets, I know I’ll be repaid both with new clients who want me to help put these techniques into action for them, as well as new friends like you who will share their ideas and experiences with me.

Yours for Better Marketing,

David L. Deutsch

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