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Marketing Rebel Club

  • Head to The Clubhouse, where you can chat with and post questions to anyone on The Marketing Rebel Team (and your fellow members). You should go here first.
  • Watch the videos of every session of The Action Seminar - Strategies and tactics from marketing royalty, including Micheal Gerber, James Schramko, Mike Koenigs, John Carlton, The Simple Writing System Faculty, and a dozen others.
  • Get Your Emails Delivered, Read, and Acted Upon - Email marketing fundamentals.

John Carlton's Corner

  • Check out this month's selection of videos shot at John Carlton & Stan Dahl's Hot Seat Seminars and Copywriting Sweatshops.
  • Browse some of John Carlton's Most Successful Ads. We rotate new ones in for you every few weeks.
  • The Scuttlebutt Sessions - John Carlton's timeless series of interviews with legendary marketers.  New sessions are posted every month.

  • David Deutsch's Corner

    • Copy Quick Start Interview: David interviews some of the movers and shakers in the copywriting industry.
    • Million Dollar Marketing Secrets:
    • David's Inner Circle Bonuses: Every month David creates a bonus for his inner circle members. This is must-have info for any serious marketer or copywriter.

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