Oops! Wrong Membership Level — David Deutsch’s Inner Circle Gold (for DDIC members)

Oops! Wrong Membership Level — David Deutsch’s Inner Circle Gold

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This premium training program is not included with your David’s Inner Circle membership.

It’s available only to clients who have joined David Deutsch’s Inner Circle Gold.

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Upgrade today and save $291 on a one-year membership, and get access to these 12 Bonuses:

  • A guide and checklist for creating powerful bullets
  • My mini-course on the fundamentals of good writing
  • An extensive breakdown of a 13-year (!) control that I wrote. It’s hard these days to have a control last for one year. This one lasted for 13 and is still going
  • A uniquely useful presentation on how to apply improv techniques to copywriting
  • A special training on how to come up with great ideas — and how I came up with my most creative idea ever
  • A must-known training on how to create Facebook ads
  • A swipe and breakdown of the sales letter for my own A-List Copywriting Secrets
  • The secret of “tension” — and how to use it to turbo charge your copy
    A wide-ranging interview with Aaron Winter on how copywriters and marketers can negotiate better for big mutual wins
  • An over my shoulder look as I turn an ordinary headline into an extraordinary one
  • How to boost response simply with type and design
  • How to create grab-them-by-the-lapels openings

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