Oops! Wrong Membership Level — Freelance Course

Oops! Wrong Membership Level — Freelance Course

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John Carlton has over 30 years’ experience in the trenches as a successful freelancer, and now he is offering to share it all with you…

  • Every secret of dealing with clients. (Especially the stubborn, aggressively-stupid Alpha-male types who insist on screwing up your great copy. With my help, you’ll have them purring like pussy cats, totally under your control.)
  • Every tactic for quickly discovering what needs to be done (even in a brand-new market for a brand-new client), and completing the job with total confidence.
  • Every street-level psychological advantage you need to convince skeptical prospects to buy. In every market you write for.
  • Every detail of negotiating stunningly-nice fees, and getting the client to happily pay up.
  • In short… everything you need to know to kick-start your own totally-awesome freelance career. Whether you’re a rookie, or a veteran wanting to move up a level.

And it’s all straight from the brain, the “Bag O’ Tricks”, and the hard-won experience of the dude with the world-wide, 30-years-deep reputation.

If you want to join the ranks of well-paid freelancers, check it out here.

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