Oops! Wrong Membership Level — Simple Writing System Mentor Program — for non-SWS members

Oops! Wrong Membership Level — Simple Writing System Mentor Program

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This content is not included in your Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club membership.  It is  only available to clients who have purchased the Simple Writing System Mentor Program.

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The Simple Writing System is John’s Carlton’s most advanced copywriting course.  He teaches you the step-by-step approach he has used to write sales copy that has generated tens of millions of dollars in sales for himself and his clients.

Try Pint of Beer Ad Challenge Course here –>

It’s a free, mini version of the full SWS.  John Carlton will help you create the best sales page of your life in just 4 simple (and fun) lessons.

When you are finally ready to start pulling in the big bucks… and learn how to write everything you’ll ever need to make your business wildly successful…

… you can get started with the Simple Writing System Home Study Course by tapping here –>

We run a full Simple Writing System Coaching Program a few times each year.

We bring in a highly-paid professional copywriter, who gives you personal guidance and feedback on each section of your sales page.

Some of the top direct response copywriters in the world have served as Simple Writing System coaches, including David Deutsch, Kevin Rogers, David Garfinkel, Chris Haddad, “Million Dollar” Mike Morgan, Harlan Kilstein, and Lorrie Morgan.

Now, we are also offering a full-year of Simple Writing System Coaching with our Simple Writing System Mentoring Program.  You get the same personal attention from one of the Simple Writing System coaches as well as monthly “Ask me anything” live sessions with your coach.

If we are running an SWS Coaching Program now, or soon, you’ll find all the details on this page –

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