Squeeze new value out of your existing content: MRR

Squeeze new value out of your existing content

Creating content the easy way…

If you have been creating content for any length of time, you are sitting on a gold mine.

Just combine, split, convert.

You can:

Reach new audiences: People consume content in different ways, and hang out in different places so producing more types of content and posting it in more places will reach more people who may be interested in your message.

Increase your organic reach: Posting your content in different formats and on different platforms will give it a better chance of being found in organic (translate: free) searches.

Gain new skills: Maybe you don’t know how to create a video, infographic, podcast, etc. Once you have done it a few times it will be like second nature. You will gain new skills and new confidence in your abilities.

Give old content new life: It may just take a little cutting here, a little reinforcing there…and you have new content for your site or to post in other places.

Reinforce your message: They say in marketing that it takes an average of 7 touches to make an impression on someone. If you convert your content to different formats and post it in different places you will be able to reach current followers in new ways.

But, don’t just repurpose all your content. Cherry pick the best. You will be making the most of your time and will not waste effort on items that are either hopelessly out of date or not really of interest to your audience. This is the time to prune your content and remove items that you may have created that are of interest to you but maybe to no one else.

Here are several ways to repurpose current content. I am sure you will find ones you never thought of. Also, this list may bring up ideas for other things you can do.


  • Longer articles can be cut down into email messages
  • “List type” articles can be reformatted into infographics or list images and posted on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Linkedin
  • Longer articles can be made into ebooks, either for sale or to be used as lead magnets
  • Shorter articles can be combined into ebooks
  • Shorter articles can be made into white pages
    Articles of any length can be made into videos, and posted on your site or on YouTube or Facebook
  • Articles of any length can be converted into audios and posted on your site.
  • Articles can be combined into a published book, to be used as a giveaway or sold on Amazon.
  • The published book can be converted to audio and sold on Audible.

Webinars/YouTube videos/other content videos

  • Webinars can be cut down and used as Video Sales Letters (especially easy because most webinars are sales vehicles themselves)
  • Information-only webinars or videos can find new life if broken down into several shorter videos and posted to YouTube, Facebook, or your website.
  • The audio from a webinar/video (if the content is not too visual) can be stripped and posted to your website.


  • The interviews from podcasts can be used as lead magnets or posted to your website
  • Several interviews can be combined into a longer product to sell
  • Several interviews can be used for a virtual seminar. Team up with all contributors to publicize it and grow all of your lists. Offer upgrades to downloadable files or other bonuses added by the contributors

Internal data and statistics:

  • Your website stats can be used to create an infographic that will show others what you did
  • Record questions submitted to your help desk and answer them. Post the resulting audio to your site as additional content.

These are 20 things you can do to revive and repurpose your content to grow your business.

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