Swipe File Letter: Short, Old-As-Dirt “Nice Guy” Finishes First: Marketing

Swipe File Letter: Short, Old-As-Dirt “Nice Guy” Finishes First

Let’s count the ”tricks” I pulled out of my bag for this ad:

  1. A take-away superscript. (Gone in 11 days.) Instant urgency.
  2. Long headline.
  3. A compelling “not what you expected” type of headline. This is self-defense …and yet we’re talking about old short guys in the same breath as protecting celebrities.
  4. Celebrity names. Used truthfully.
  5. The term “protecting their ass”. Startling, powerful, very visual.  No question about what we’re talking about here.
  6. The promise of a guarantee. Lots of ads “say” they guarantee this or that… but in my ads, whenever I say I’ll guarantee something… I quickly back it up with a real meaty guarantee with some teeth.
  7. Rush delivery.

By the time you get to the middle of page one, if you’re interested in this “kind” of material… dude, you’re hooked.

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