Simple Writing System Coaching Program – Home Page

Simple Writing System Coaching Program – Home Page

This is the Home Page of the Simple Writing System Coaching Program.

When your class started, we sent you an email with the name of your SWS Instructor. That’s all you need to know to get started. The rest will be explained on the pages you’ll find here.

If your SWS Workbook has not arrived, yet, don’t worry. You’ll find everything in the first few section of the SWS Workbook here, so you can still get started right away.

Before diving into your classroom, please promise you’ll read the READ THIS FIRST posts you’ll find at the top of the SWS Classrooms page. We’ve put over 1000 students through this program. In that time we’ve developed just a few rules and guidelines that make the SWS Classroom run smoothly for students and teachers. Please review those so your teacher won’t have to make you stay after school to clean the erasers.

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