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John Carlton’s Best Ads:  Pithify Your Pitch

Here is a good example of a simple way to organize a sales message that has multiple parts to it.

If I’d tried to tell a story incorporating all these points, the letter would have ended up 16 pages long. I write long copy, but not if the same thing can be said in a shorter and more pithy way. I call this technique 4’pithifYing the pitch”. (My dictionary defines pithy as ..terse and to the point”.) Get everything down to a few memorable segments.  So, this is what I did…

This infamous John Carlton ad... along with many others...

... each accompanied by John's breakdown of the strategies and persuasion techniques that made them so successful...

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This is one of the world's greatest swipe files, packed full of money-making examples you will apply to your own ads, emails, social media posts, etc.

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