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A-List Copywriting Secrets Home Page

Welcome to A-List Copywriting Secrets.  You are about to learn how you can become a great copyTHINKER and think your way to great copy and success!

In order to create copy that really sells…

You have to THINK about all the ways you can enter the conversation your prospect is already having with themselves and others.

THINK about what really differentiates yourself from the competition.

THINK about what your market has already been exposed to.

And THINK about how you will arouse the feelings, thoughts and beliefs that will lead them to take the action you want them to take.

Only THEN would you be ready to write.

Your writing will be a WHOLE LOT easier (and a whole lot more profitable) if you THINK it through first.

Because what distinguishes the “best” writers from the rest of the writers isn’t their collection of templates, formulas and hacks.

It’s their thinking.

In this course David draws on his many years of experience as an A-List writer and shows you how you can use the magic of copyTHINKING to write killer copy of your own.

Let’s get started!

A-list Copywriting Secrets Lessons

A-List Copywriting Secrets Special Bonuses, including:

Lori Haller’s “How to Increase Response with Design”, and

David’s “The Magic Cube: How to Instantly Transform Weak Copy Into Winning Copy”. (Lots of examples of David’s most successful ads in this one.)

Don’t have A-List Copywriting Secrets yet?

A-List Copywriting Secrets Is for you if your income depends on copy in any way.

If you are:

  • A beginning copywriter who wants to get up to speed FAST…
  • An intermediate copywriter who wants to jump up a level or two, also FAST…
  • An advanced copywriter looking for an edge…
  • A business owner who wants to write great copy (so you are never again at the mercy of a hired
    writer to bring you customers)…
  • A marketer who wants better copy from freelancers or your in-house copywriter…
  • Or simply needing to improve your persuasion or sales skills.

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