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Contact Us

There are several ways you can reach Stan Dahl and anyone else on the Marketing Rebel Team.

If you’re an active member of the Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club –

If your question and our reply might benefit your fellow members (and it’s not specific to your membership), please post your question in The Clubhouse.

As you know, we review all those posts and reply pretty much every day.

If you’re NOT an active member of the Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club –

Why not? 🙂

Seriously, you should check out everything membership can do for you right here.  Click on the logo at the top of this page for all the details.

If you’re still here –

You can send us a private message by submitting a ticket on

Please check the knowledgebase first.  All the most common questions are answered there.

If the knowledgebase doesn’t answer your question, please submit a ticket.  We’ll get back to you soon.  Usually 1-2 business day.  (During launches and other crazy busy time, it can take a little longer.)

You can also call us toll-free and leave a voice message.  Be sure to include your name, email address, and a briefly explain how we can help you.  In most cases, we’ll reply via email, so please make sure you say your email address slowly.  If in doubt, spell it out.


Stan Dahl & The Marketing Rebel Team

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