Carlton/Kennedy Freelance Course

Carlton/Kennedy Freelance Course

John Carlton’s Freelance Course

John Carlton’s Freelance Course Manual PDF

Audio Files (Left click to listen online.  Right click/”link as” to download.)

0 Introduction

1 Get Good

2 Get Connected

3 Get Paid

PDF Bonus Files:

11 Marketing Quick Fixes

Uncensored Real-World Advice From Top Freelancers

The Marketing Rebel Consultant Quick Start Guide

The Dan Kennedy and Lorrie Morgan Freelance Course

As they say in the course, they are starting at the end and working backwards… the first section explains how to manage and optimize income from clients you already have, and the second section explains how to identify and attract the right clients… the ones that will truly be an asset to your business.

Part 1: Client Management and Optimizing Income From Clients


Strategy #1: Understanding What You Do

Strategy #2: Re-Defining & Expanding Your Role

Strategy #3: Copywriting In Context Of Strategy

Strategy #4: Expanding The Scope Of Projects

Strategy #5: Expand The Scope Of The Relationship

Strategy #6: Sufficient Compensation

Always Include These Provisions in Your Contracts

Questions and Answers

Part 2: How to Identify and Attract the Right Clients

Part 2 Introduction

Client Selection Criteria 1 – 4

Client Selection Criteria 5 – 8

Getting Clients Using Active Pursuit

Getting Clients Using Attraction

How to Launch Your Business from Scratch

Positioning Yourself for Success

Part 2 Question and Answer

Bonus PDF’s:

Insider’s Guide to the Nuts and Bolts of Running a SUCCESSFUL Copywriting Business

Optimizing Income from Clients Outline and Contract Items Checklist

Key Client Selection Criteria

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