Easily Dictate Your Documents With This Free Speech-To-Text Tool – Marketing

Easily Dictate Your Documents With This Free Speech-To-Text Tool

When you are composing anything, from a sales letter to a video script to a full-length book, it is easier to speak and have your words transcribed than it is to write it all out.

But, transcription can be expensive and can add another time-consuming step to the process, which could mean that it is not worth it.

There is a product called Dragon Naturally Speaking, and we have a post about it on the site, but it is expensive and requires “training”. What do you do if you just want to get going with your project?

Windows has a free speech-to-text translator, but it is not that easy to use. When I tried it it kept shutting off, which was a pain you-know-where.

We found a free online tool called Speech Texter that can be used immediately and gives good results.

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