Marketing Hotseat: Find Your Niche: Marketing

Marketing Hotseat:  Find Your Niche

Greig (not a misspelling) is a professional recruiter who designed a course that teaches people how to become home-based recruiters using Social Media and email.

At the time of the hotseat there were no similar products on the market.

John and the rest of the participants help him answer the following questions:

Exactly what is the product I am selling?
Who is my market? Maybe not what he originally thought.
What is the best way to reach the market?

This discussion highlights the benefits of a mastermind. Greig is forced to explain a product that he thinks he knows to people who have no idea that such a product exists. He has to think about his product and market in new ways.

Even if you think you know your product and your market, you can learn a lot by trying to explain it to someone who is not in your market and is totally dispassionate. You are forced to explain things that you think are self-evident, and will gain a deeper understanding of what you have and how best to sell it.

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