MRIC Member Hot Seat: Getting Your Copywriting Business off the Ground – Marketing

MRIC Member Hot Seat: Getting Your Copywriting Business off the Ground

On the hot seat is Carlos, who is a copywriter trying to get more clients (sound familiar?).

John and Stan tell him what he needs to do to get started and to develop the reputation that will have prospects chasing him rather than the other way around.

They discuss how he needs to speak to prospects so he attracts the right ones, and so he speaks to what they really want in a copywriter. Most copywriters don’t understand this.

And the most important characteristics that will bring clients back again and again.

This is stuff that will help all marketers, not just copywriters, because marketing is essentially the same, no matter what the niche…

This lesson... along with a vast library of small business marketing lessons and training programs... a private Facebook-like chat stream where you can get answers to all of your questions about marketing tools and techniques, small business growth, and life as an entrepreneur...

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Stan Dahl & The Marketing Rebel Team

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