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Andy Jenkins: Sales-Producing Voodoo for Video Virgins

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Andy Jenkins is well-known as a video expert. In fact, he won an emmy in 1996 for editing. But, even though he is a real video geek, he uses simple, inexpensive cameras. microphones and sets for his own videos and teaches others how to make high-quality videos without breaking the bank. In this video he gives advice to 7 people about how to use video effectively. There is a lot of great information about the sales process and how video can help you sell more…

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Check out this new video from Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsame:

traffic genesis logoIn the video, you will discover:

        • how to create successful FB newsfeed video ads
        • how to use “the boomerang method” to ge traffic from outside Facebook
        • how to get free checklists so you can put these strategies into action immediately

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