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ORGANIC TRAFFIC: Cross Channel Marketing – From One Channel to Six Channels in Six Weeks

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Mike Koeings

Mike Koeings

Mike Koenigs, the CEO and Founder of Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer, leaves his standard presentations on marketing technologies at the office… and give us something new and unique.

Mike Koenigs explains how to get your message out in as many places as possible and in as many formats as possible…so your customers can consume it in whatever format (written, audio, vidoe) they prefer.

He also explained his favorite method of creating many prospect-sucking videos (the 10x10x4), his “crowd capture”…

…as well as several of his favorite closing methods:

  • The “Mobile Convenience” close,
  • The “Open the Box Desire” close, and
  • The “Risk-Free Combo” close

As well as a ninja trick for optimizing your email open rates…

There are a lot of cutting-edge strategies from someone who lives “new media”.

00:30 – Introduction

1:14 – Big Data signifigance for small biz owners

2:50 – The problem with typical targeting

5:50 – Your Hot Prospect blind spot

Here are the things you can do right now to impliment these strategies in your business.

1 – Outline a Psychographic Profile of your ideal customer

2 – …


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