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MEDIA BUYING: Media Buying Equals More Website Traffic

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Scott Rewick

Scott Rewick

Scott Rewick has spent a mind-blowing $100,000,000 on display-based media (This means he absolutely knows what he’s doing) and we’re thrilled he shares his best strategies for dominating a niche with paid ads.

Free traffic is great…

… but when you’re finally ready to move into the Big Leagues in your market, you need to get hip to the essentials of media buying.

It’s scary as hell to outsiders, but once you know the secrets, it’s a solid cash-generating unfair advantage that can help you dominate your niche. (Biggest secret: It’s pretty easy, once you know the simple steps.)

Scott Rewick is likely the most prolific media buyer that you, and most entrepreneurs, have never heard of.

In the past decade, he’s spend a mind-blowing $100,000,000 on display-based media, frequently averaging $200,000 – $300,000 in media buys every day. (This means he absolutely knows what he’s doing, and we’re thrilled he’s agreed to come share the good stuff.)

Less than 1% of his buys is with Google, which means Scott will reveal to you all kinds of “hidden to the competition” places you should be mining for the hottest, most qualified and ready-to-buy leads.

Most entrepreneurs completely overlook this part of the online world… so it’s RIPE for exploitation, when you’re ready.

Scott is an industry insider with the goods. His tips will teach you how to get more high-quality leads to your business… as well as how to become a big-time affiliate marketer.

It’s a huge “secret weapon” for any marketer looking to zoom to the top of the heap.

00:30 – Introduction

1:14 – Big Data signifigance for small biz owners

2:50 – The problem with typical targeting

5:50 – Your Hot Prospect blind spot

Here are the things you can do right now to impliment these strategies in your business.

1 – Outline a Psychographic Profile of your ideal customer

2 – …


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