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Kevin Rogers and Chris Haddad: “Launch Strategies That Work Like Crazy”

When you’re ready to “launch” your product or service, you can’t do better than to take some tips from these two smokin’ “insider” copywriters.

We’ve worked with both Kevin Rogers and Chris Haddad and can vouch them for without hesitation.

They are notorious for building (from the ground up) every written detail of a well-performed launch… so the whole process is smooth as silk, and successful as possible. If you need to get into launches, or have botched one before, this session will change your life.

We can personally vouch for how massively-awesome the results of a well-handled launch can be. It’s worth your time to be up speed on this strategy as well as Brian Johnson’s “evergreen” model.

Brian Johnson: “The Perpetual Launch”

Brian Johnson is one of our main “go to guys” when we need to brainstorm productivity… especially for our sales funnels (where the actual Big Bucks pour in).

We are thrilled that he’s agreed to share his unique secrets to helping production-challenged entrepreneurs streamline everything (so prospects come in automatically, get converted automatically, and become your best customers… all without you needing to apply any personal energy once it’s set up)…

… so you get all the benefits of a launch, without the freak-out headaches.

Mike Koenigs: “Cross-Channel Marketing – From One Channel to Six Channels in Six Weeks”

Mike Koenigs, the CEO and Founder of Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer, leaves his standard presentations on marketing technologies at the office… and give us something new and unique.

He explained how to get your message out in as many places as possible and in as many formats as possible…so your customers can consume it in whatever format (written, audio, video) they prefer.

He also explained his favorite method of creating many prospect-sucking videos (the 10x10x4), his “crowd capture”…

…as well as several of his favorite closing methods…

Mike Koenigs: “How to Become an Instant Expert and Authority”

In this information-packed video, Mike lays down a blueprint for how anyone can become an expert in their field.

How to leverage others’ fame and use it to your advantage…how to become more productive…how to create simple videos that will bring massive traffic to your offers…and the one mistake he made that cost him $10,000.

And much more. Mike has been specializing in creating experts for many years and he lays it all out in this presentation that was created exclusively for the Action Seminar.

Big Dog Panel

Robert Gibson, Lorrie Morgan, and Joe Polish conduct a wide-ranging discussion.

Topics include:

  • Effective Radio Advertising,
  • How to get publicity in newspapers
  • How to get on TV/How to be a good guest
  • Using video as a selling tool
  • The most effective social media tools
  • Successful networking
  • Using contests to promote a membership site

Marketing Brain Cleanse Hot Seats

Watch John Carlton & Stan Dahl perform “Marketing Brain Cleanse Hot Seats” on attendees biggest problems.  Small business owners and entrepreneurs shell out $10,000 for a full-on consult with us and $15,000 / year to be part of our Platinum MasterMind Group.

This isn’t a game. This is real, hard-core, live Hot Seat-style consulting, performed without a net on the stage…

… so you can see how it’s done by the best in the biz.

Hot Seats 2

Watch as John and Stan advise Andrea Wieland about marketing her fitness site.

Among other things, they talk about targeting her message, the pitfalls of offering an affiliate program, and how to simplify her message.

Hot Seats 3

There are 2 hot seats in this video.

Kamron Karington:
Kamron helps pizza owners market their businesses.

John talks about using the language the prospect understands and breaking down his sales process to determine how the conversation has to go.   They talk about different methods of presenting the service to the client.
He needs to find one “piece of magic” that will hook the client, then mention the other services.

Jeramy Jennings:
Jeramy’s family runs an heirloom seed company.  They discuss: using different sites targeted to different markets, learning the language of each market, especially one like the preppers, who use terms that most people would not understand at all, and how to sell using direct response.  John also suggests that he use a “treasure map”

Marketing Questions and Answers

There were several Question and Answer sessions during the Action Seminars.

The questions/topics related to marketing are:

  • What do you do when you don’t have testimonials?
  • What tips can you share to deal with price shoppers?
  • How do you sell to a the market that is soft and fuzzy and is turned off by fear?
  • Tips for Cold Calling – Shamus Brown
  • How to transition from launch-based company to evergreen model
  • What are the easiest steps to automate at first?
  • How do you get affiliates to promote your product?
  • Does the product launch model still work?

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