Rapid implementation strategies and systems for generating more targeted leads to your website (without losing your shirt in ad costs)

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1 – Ben Morris: “Big Data for The Little Guy”

Ben Morris shows us how to use psychographic data to create a more complete customer avatar and identify the big buyers in your market.  That will allow you  to increase sales AND cut ad costs.



2 - Scott Rewick: "Media Buying Equals More Website Traffic"

Scott Rewick has spent a mind-blowing $100,000,000 on display-based media (This means he absolutely knows what he’s doing) and we're thrilled he shares his best strategies for dominating a niche with paid ads.

Less than 1% of his buys is with Google, which means Scott will reveal to you all kinds of “hidden to the competition” places you should be mining for the hottest, most qualified and ready-to-buy leads. Most entrepreneurs completely overlook this part of the online world… so it’s RIPE for exploitation, when you’re ready.

3 - Teran Dale: "How to Purchase a $20 Bill for $1"

It is very easy to lose a lot of money very quickly with Adwords. Teran is an expert in creating winning Adwords campaigns and shows you how to Google-proof your adwords campaigns!

His discussion focuses on the 3 most important aspects of a successful campaign:

  • Campaign Structure
  • Landing Page
  • Ad Copy

4 - John Paul Mendocha: "Google is a slot machine and Facebook is like counting cards in Blackjack"

John Paul Mendocha came to Internet Marketing 11 years ago, having already established himself as top sales rep (helped taking one company all the way to a Top 20 spot on the INC 500 list) and an acknowledged business turn-around expert.

He’s spent the last 3 years working as the Director of Sales for Perry Marshall (of AdWords and Facebook advertising fame), building sales funnels for Perry’s business and many of Perry’s top clients.
In this exclusive talk, John Paul talks about the mindset you need in order to be a successful Google Adwords and Facebook ads consultant


5 - Mike Koenigs: "Cross Channel Marketing - From One Channel to Six Channels in Six Weeks"

Mike Koenigs explains how to get your message out in as many places as possible and in as many formats as possible.

He also explained his favorite method of creating many prospect-sucking videos (the 10x10x4), his “crowd capture”…as well as several of his favorite closing methods.

  • The “Mobile Convenience” close,
  • The “Open the Box Desire” close, and
  • The “Risk-Free Combo” close

As well as a ninja trick for optimizing your email open rates…



6 - Harlan Kilstein: "How to Generate Mega Traffic… Without SEO, Paid Ads, or Black Hat Shenanigans"

Harlan Kilstein has developed and perfected a method of creating blogs that become authority sites and get huge amounts of organic traffic without relying on the vagaries of Google’s algorithms.

He employs some very basic and timeless methods, using content generated by both his team and outside contributors. He has had to upgrade his servers twice because they just haven’t been able to handle the traffic his sites generate.



7 - ASO Traffic Questions and Answers

There were several Question and Answer sessions during the Action Seminars. These are the ones that related to generating more traffic.

The questions are:

  • Are directory sites valuable for getting backlinks?
  • Is it a valuable split test if I am using mixed traffic?

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