John Carlton’s Best Ads: PGA Pros Humiliated By Overweight, Crippled, Old As Dirt Golfer: Marketing

John Carlton’s Best Ads:  PGA Pros Humiliated By Overweight, Crippled, Old-As-Dirt Golfer

Whenever I put this ad up on the screen in seminars or marketing events, the crowd howls with laughter. It’s a funny headline. But … it’s funny in a way that forces you to continue reading. It’s not funny just to be funny. It’s funny in an outrageous and intriguing way that pulls you in.

The best compliment I’ve ever received was from a colleague who was pissed off because he saw this ad … knew it was written by me … and he felt compelled to buy the video after reading it. He didn’t want to buy the product. But he HAD to. The copy bowled him over, even as he tried to read it impassionately.

Here are the keys to this ad’s success: First, the incongruent juxtaposition of a fat old guy humiliating professionals. (My dictionary defines “incongruent” as: Not harmonious; incompatible. In other words, the concept creates waves in your head, stirs things up, and forces you to pay attention. It challenges your world-view.)

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