John Carlton’s Best Ads: The Fifty Bucks Letter: Marketing

John Carlton’s Best Ads:  The Fifty Bucks Letter

Sometimes we all like to pretend we’re not motivated by money.

That’s fine to believe if you want…but you cannot afford such delusions if you are a marketer. People respond to money at a visceral level They almost never receive money for free, and especially not in the mail. Certainly not from a mysterious letter­ writer who only wants your brief attention in return. A chance to tell his story.

This infamous John Carlton ad... along with many others...

... each accompanied by John's breakdown of the strategies and persuasion techniques that made them so successful...

... are waiting for you right here -> John Carlton's Best Ads… And The Stories Behind Them.

This is one of the world's greatest swipe files, packed full of money-making examples you will apply to your own ads, emails, social media posts, etc.

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Stan Dahl
Chief Marketing Rebel


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