John Carlton’s Best Ads: We Screwed Up Big Time: Marketing

John Carlton’s Best Ads:  We Screwed Up Big Time

Here is a good example of a “lipstick” letter.

The reference is to the old comedy routine of coming home with lipstick on your collar — and obviously dire situation that would crush a normal man. But a top – notch salesmen should be able to talk his way out of anything. Clients come to me for a “lipstick fix” whenever they really screw up.

My approach is simple:  admit the screw-up — in a clever, self-deprecating way that reveals your lovable human frailty — and use it as an opportunity to offer a great new deal. The big secret in copywriting is that most people appreciate honesty (and a good story) so much, they will forgive almost anything… if you give them a plausible reason. Especially if that reason involves a better deal than everyone else gets…

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