John Carlton’s Best Ads: Who Else Wants To Earn An Extra $96,485?: Marketing

John Carlton’s Best Ads:  Who Else Wants To Earn An Extra $96,485?

Here is a version of another ad I talk about in “Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets”. The client is a “coach”– a consultant who helps doctors get their act together.  Which, for most health care professionals, means reducing stress and work hours, while increasing income.

The dollar amount in the headline comes from an audit by a CPA, who allows his name to appear in the ad. That’s huge credibility.  You must understand that most doctors WANT to believe the claims in this ad… but it challenges their world-view.  Most doctors are burned out… and every doctor they know is in the same boat.  The really happy, super-successful doctors aren’t  very visible to other docs.  They’re too busy having fun to sit around and bitch about life.

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