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Big Jason Henderson: Email Marketing “Secret Magic Tricks” Revealed

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Stan sat down with Jason Henderson recently for a one-hour  conversation that turned out to last 4 hours.  They broke it down into 4 pieces, and this is the first.

Jason Henderson is the guru’s “go-to-guy” for email marketing.  He sent out 350 million pieces of email in 2013.  He tests extensively, knows what works, and is revealing it to you in this video series.  He doesn’t tell you what works, just what works best.

The Simple Writing System is premium content.  We’ll let you know when we’re starting a new coaching program.

To learn more about the Simple Writing System and how you can learn to create killer copy, go to


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Steal Jason’s Course: Breakthrough Email Response Strategies by clicking on the image. Includes a one-hour personal consultation and the opportunity to get Big Jason to review your emails

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