November 6

AS2 – Infusionsoft: The First Rule of Email Marketing


AS2-infusionsoftAt the second Action Seminar, a rep from Infusionsoft, the CRM that forms the backbone of our business, teaches the first rule of email marketing.

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Video transcript:

All right. So, we’re here to talk about some rules. And I only have time to cover 5 of them right now. But, the 5 I’m going to share with you are really critical. Because they come from the last 5 years of engaging with small business owners; the gurus, no-namers, the mom-and-pop-shop, all that kind of stuff. From engaging with them and really discovering what’s the difference between one business owner in the same business and another business owner in the same business. Same product, same market, same price point. One succeeds and the other one fails.

What’s the difference? And I propose to you that the 5 rules I share with you are part of the crux of that. They are not all of it, but they are definitely part of the foundation.

So, here is rule number 1: Number 1, in this new world of marketing, if you will. Engage. You’ve got to engage. Here’s the old versus the new. On the left-hand side is the old world, right? What do we call that? Broadcast marketing. Blasting the same message to everybody. Versus the new: engagement marketing. You can see they are even aligned side by side. The image. Right? So, that’s kind of a graphical metaphor, if you will, about how you have to reposition yourself nowadays with marketing. There’s no more shouting at people.
The whole interruption marketing thing. No more broadcasting to people the exact same way. Right? Align yourself with people. Engage with them.

Does this resonate with anybody? Make sense or am I crazy? I’m crazy? All right. So. All right, Jeff, we’ve go to engage. Well, who? Who do we engage with? And where?

Customers? Our target audience. We’ve got to clearly define where your target audience is. Right? And it may be a subset of the audience you think it is. You know, the whole niches idea.

But, you’ve really got to obviously identify clearly who your target audience is, and where they’re hanging out. You heard on the panel, you know, social media, and different things like that, and I will talk about that in a minute. But, where are your people at, that you want to reach:? Are they on social media? Certain markets: they’re not there! They just aren’t. So, if you are on social media and your target market is not there you are wasting time and money.
First of all, find out where are they. OK? Second of all, how are you going to engage with them once you recognize where they are? Whatever makes the most sense, is the most profitable, has the most ROI from different testing, and that can be a variety of things. I am one who believes in testing it all and finding out what works.

OK? So that could be social media, it could be the internet, it could be blogging, it could be adwords, whatever.

New rule #2…

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