January 16

John Carlton on Copywriting: Features vs Benefits


carlton_on_copy_image_2John Carlton explains the difference between a product’s features and benefits, and why you need to know the difference.

Does anyone not know the difference between features and benefits?  I will explain it very briefly, but does anyone not know the difference? A feature is the heft, the weight, the physical “thingness” of whatever it is you’re selling.  Even if it is information, if it is in an ebook…for example, a feature would be a call that he is having here…free telephone seminar.  That would be a feature.  Benefits are what that thing does for your customer or your prospect.

Nobody sells features. You are always selling benefits. I don’t care what your product is… A seminar, an e-book, a big package full of stuff, a car, some nails. Those are the conduits for the benefits that your customer wants. You don’t sell the drill, you sell the hole. I don’t need a drill, I need a hole in my wall. If you can show me a different way, a magic way, other than by buying drill… I will go to Home Depot, I will go to Fairy Depot where I can get a little gnome to drill the hole for me, I’ll do that.

But, in our world, drools are the best way to do that. But, what kind of drill? An electric drill, a hand drill, whatever…

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