July 17

John Carlton Copywriting Tips: Get Your Mail past the Gatekeeper


CWSS1-John-Carlton-2It can be tough to get your direct mail past the receptionist or another gatekeeper when you are trying to contact a professional or executive-level prospect. In this copywriting hot seat, John gives some tips on how to get your mail into the hands of the person you want to reach:

John’s advice:

And, of course, dealing with dentists, too… When you’re dealing with mail, your dealing with the same problem that John is trying to solve, that Wally I think we were talking about. You have to get past the office manager. So you should be using the priority mail, you should be doing all this stuff. You know how much mail the dentist opens in his office? None. So you got to get by there. You can’t have a headline kind of thing. If you’re going to do mail, have it from a lawyer or another dentist. And I’d go with a lawyer. And I’d say “from the law office…” On the corner card of the envelope or the FedEx thing. “From the law offices of John D Rockefeller, address, blah blah blah, important, confidential, for your eyes only”.

That’s probably going to get by the receptionist. Or maybe from another doctor. But you better not get that “yuck” reaction. Why did it get so quiet all of a sudden? What was buzzing? Anyway, the “oh, yuck” reaction from the doctor, where he gets that jolt and then he opens it and says “oh God, it’s an advertisement”. So, then it’s “from the desk of Dr. so-and-so”, to, then personalize stuff, blah blah blah. “Doctor, you don’t know me, but I got your name from a colleague of ours, and I’m writing to you today for something that’s very very important and I think you are going to want to know about it right now… Because it has to do with your bottom-line profits, income, and the way you run your business for the rest of your career. Here’s what this is all about…” Then he going to your pitch “One year ago I was dead broke and blah blah blah”.

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