February 8

Simple Writing System: Sell the Benefits 1


In this video clip, John Carlton explains the difference between features and benefits for marketing a product or service. This is lesson #4 of his Simple Writing System.

You can watch “Sell the Benefits part 2” by clicking here.

His comments:

And, again, people often confuse it.  They think what they are selling is a CD course.  And, it’s not.  What is the benefit of doing this?  It is totally removed from this vehicle.  Your benefit will have nothing to do with the physical elements.  It will have nothing to do with CD’s.  You chose a CD because it’s easy.  Easy would be a benefit.  It’s something you can do in your spare time, you can listen to it at night with headphones.

What does it do for you?  What does it do for the person.  Take a couple of minutes and think about what do these features that you have do for the person who uses them?

For more information about the Simple Writing System, go to: www.SimpleWritingSystem.com

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