Boardrooms Mount Rushmore of Copywriters Roundtable: How to Sell Almost a Billion Dollars Worth of Product, $39 at a Time: Marketing WL

Boardroom’s “Mount Rushmore” of Copywriter’s Roundtable – “How to Sell Almost a Billion Dollars’ Worth of Product, $39 at a Time”

Here you have 4 copywriting superstars…David Deutsch, Arthur Johnson, Eric Betuel, and Parris Lampropoulos

Each gives some of his best advice for writing compelling copy.

There is also an interesting (totally unintended) look into how to think on your feet when  you are emceeing an event like this.  One of the presenters misunderstood what he was going to be doing and wanted to take the segment in a different direction.  There is a demonstration of how to corral him, keep him on track, but at the same time let him say what he wants to say.


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