David Deutsch: How to Improve Your Copy with Improv: Marketing

David Deutsch: How to Improve Your Copy with Improv

David Deutsch is an A-list copywriter who had always had an interest in Improvisational Comedy and how a knowledge of improv can help a copywriter be more creative.

Improv  helps you to open the subconscious part of your brain, which taps into creativity.  You become more spontaneos, less “clinical”.

You can’t think too much because you get in your own way.  David says to write as if you are talking to an audience.  Get it all on paper and worry about editing it later.

One of the basic concepts of improv is “Yes, and”.  Agree with the person ahead of you and expand on it, even if what they said was obviously wrong.  It helps you go with the flow, and not constantly second-guess yourself.

This is an area that doesn’t have much written about it, and they give a very interesting slant on how to become more creative and less introspective and self-policing when you write.

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