Paul Hartunian: The Life Changing Secrets of Simply Focusing: Scuttlebutt Session: Marketing

Paul Hartunian:  The Life-Changing Secrets of Simply Focusing – Scuttlebutt Session

Most marketers know about Paul Hartunian. He’s a fire-breathing genius at public relations — especially getting millions of dollars worth of it… for free.

Paul’s been interviewed, oh, about a thousand times (including stints on The Tonight Show and national radio) about PR… but John Carlton has always been more interested in the subtle “secrets behind the success” that he knows. Most entrepreneurs understand, intellectually, the necessity of being able to focus… but they almost NEVER put it into action. They simply don’t know how. It’s the difference between driving a car in a video game, and really getting out on the highway. In a souped-up Jaguar. Check this out if you honestly want to move ahead.

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