How to Synch Video with Camtasia: Marketing

How to Synch Video with Camtasia

From time to time you may have a video that is not synched properly.  By “synched” I mean that the audio matches the video.  When someone’s mouth moves the audio matches what his mouth is doing.  Or, when someone says “click here” you can see the cursor clicking on the link.

Even a major video company like Go to Webinar can (and does) produce videos that are not synched properly, and it can be, at the least annoying, and at the most unintelligible.  I once got a video from Go to Webinar in which the video and audio were out of sync by about 10 minutes.  That is unintelligible to the max!

The process is very simple, but sometimes takes a bit of playing around to get it right.

In this short (about 10 minutes) video I show you how to take a finished mp4 video and fix the synch.

Below the video are the original and finished versions of the video that I synched in the demo.

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