How to Use Zoom for Meetings and Video Creation: Marketing

How to Use Zoom for Meetings and Video Creation

If you want an easy way to conduct an online meeting, you should check out Zoom.  It is getting more and more popular and, for 1 to 1 meetings it is free.

The free service only allows up to 40 minutes for meetings with more than 2 people, but upgrading is fairly inexpensive, or you can just do back-to-back meetings that are under 40 minutes.

I recently conducted a meeting with MRIC member Kevin McCarty, and there is a link to that post under the video.

It was so easy, even for 2 people who had never used it before, that I decided to create a how-to video for the club.

There are 3 videos on this page.  The first one shows how to use Zoom to create a video on your own.  The second shows the video that was created by Zoom during that session.  The third is a video I created that shows how to schedule a meeting with someone else.

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