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Jeff Johnson:  Emergency SEO Plan

Jeff Johnson, of Underground Training Labs, is one of our go-to-guys for getting traffic. He always gives us actionable information.

In this interview he is talking about SEO. His first critique is of a site in a very competitive market.

The sound is not perfect in this video, but the information is good enough that we are posting it anyway.

Year after year, I see firsthand how Jeff Johnson remains the king of (1) generating free traffic and (2) converting those visitors into opt-ins & leads.

For the next few days only, Jeff is running a free mini-course on #2.

Click here to check out the course

What Jeff does looks deceptively simple. As do many things that just plain work.

I assure you, there’s a healthy does of science and art behind it.

Unless you’re 100% sure, “I’ve got this!” when it comes to website conversion, I strongly recommend you check out Jeff’s free mini-course.

Click here to check out the course

While you’re there, be sure to download his”Lead Funnel Cheat Sheet” PDF. It’s a nice blueprint of Jeff’s very successful model.

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