John Carlton’s Best Ads – MRIC edition

John Carlton’s Best Ads

This corner of the Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club should make your greedy little heart sing: It contains actual hyper-successful sales letters, broken down and explained in detail.

As a member, you can access a rotating selection of John Carlton’s most infamous, notorious, and (sometimes) legendary ads…

… accompanied by detailed stories on how these beasts came to be written (revealing the often shocking tales behind the hooks, headlines, and strategies).

Before diving into the first ad…

… we suggest you check out this bonus lesson: The Art and Science of Swiping Copy

… where you’ll find John Carlton’s tips on “swiping” and how to get the most value from this collection.

Follow these links to this month’s ads. You are welcome to break down all of them and apply the techniques and strategies to your own copy.

Will You Do Me a Small Personal Favor?

Deposit Directly Into Your Account

Shortcuts for the Scanner

The One-Legged Golfer

Every month or so, we rotate 2-3 ads in and out of The Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club. Plus, we keep one of John’s better-known ads, The One-Legged Golfer, available all the time.

If you’re an MRIC Member, please check out these ads now. And check back at least every 1-2 weeks so you don’t miss any.

If you want to get hold of all of John’s Best Ads — the complete collection — you’ll find them all here: John Carlton’s Best Ads… and The Stories Behind Them.

You can ask questions and leave your comments about any of John’s Best Ads in The Clubhouse.

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