John Carlton’s Power Words Home Page

John Carlton’s Power Words Home Page

I’ve had a couple of revelations in my career that have instantly improved my ability to write killer copy.

The first was to learn the insider secrets of world-class salesmanship and translate those shrewd tactics to the printed page.

Next, I learned to write in a conversational manner — not like some starched-up blowhard who used perfect grammar and fancy twenty-five-cent words all the time.

Then (after reading the great “Elements of Style” by Strunk and White), I learned to abandon almost all adjectives in my writing…

… and to use “action verbs” that single-handedly told a story all by themselves.

This last discovery — using action verbs to pump up my copy — morphed into the art of using what I call “power words”.

Sometimes these are verbs that convey action,

… sometimes they are nouns with shock value,

… sometimes a wicked phrase (or a twist on a cliché) that catches hold of the reader’s mind and won’t let go.

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