Create and Sell More Products: Lisa Wagner: Marketing

Create & Sell More Products: Lisa Wagner

AS2-Lisa_WagnerThis is good. Lisa Wagner has been deep in our inside circle for years (and was a standout guest expert at the last Action Seminar). She clawed her way to the CEO position at Joe Polish’s organization (“Piranha Marketing”, one of most referred-to and respected entrepreneurial ventures we know of), and also honcho’s a very successful private business on the side.

Lisa has agreed to share her much sought-after secrets on “Using Education as a Stealth Marketing Strategy”… which can quickly help ANY niche-oriented entrepreneur or small biz owner annihilate the competition (and they won’t even know you’ve done it). If you’re in a cutthroat market (and who isn’t), you need to learn and use these tactics before they get used on you.

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